Apartments Hrboka

Zman - Dugi otok - Croatia - 2 apartments

apartment kovac hrboka zman croatia

Apartment Kovac
Apartment measuring 50m2 with terrace, two rooms for 4.

2 rooms
4 persons
apartment skrpina hrboka zman croatia

Apartment Skrpina
Apartment size 50m2 with terrace, one room for 2+2.

1 room
2+2 persons

Apartments Hrboka Zman

Apartments of the Hrboka family in a house built and equipped in 2008. Tourist accommodation with two neat and well maintained apartments in Zman on Dugi otok Croatia.

Air-conditioned apartments

Apartments equipped with air conditioning for a pleasant stay

Free wireless internet

Free use of wireless internet for all guests of Hrboka apartments

Zman is a small village to the south of the Long island (Dugi otok), 6 km from the municipal center of the island called Sali. It is reachable from Zadar, either by fast boat or ferry.

The Zadar Archipelago

The Zadar Archipelago is a group of islands scattered around, and connected to the city of Zadar by ships, ferries and fast boats.

It is a unique phenomenon embracing over one hundred inhabited and deserted islands and islets in a relatively small area, of wild and incredible natural beauties and exquisite sights.
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